What’s up guys, it’s your girl Liv!

I’m here to introduce myself; but the real question is, where do I start? I am your basic white girl. I am addicted to makeup and I hope to do reviews of some of my favourite palette’s and makeup collections in general. I’m a student, I’ll be going to Bath Spa University in a couple of weeks, which I am really excited about. I am also obsessed with musicals, Hamilton, has to be my absolute favourite, I have the CD playing in my car when I’m driving around, has to be my favourite part of driving, besides the endless supply of McDonald’s I seem to be buying for myself. I would also like to say how fascinated I am with unsolved mysteries, so if time and research allows it, I will hopefully do posts on this, but we’ll see how that goes.

Instead of making this boring, I shall leave all of you with a driving story to make you laugh. It was the day before my practical driving test, I was really nervous because if I failed I would have to wait 5 months until my next test in September as I can’t take my car with me to University, anyway, I was driving around with my mother and I was leaving a junction after completing a reverse round the corner, which I was really proud about because I’d always struggled with that, anyway as I was leaving the junction I did look right, but there was a van in the way, as I left I heard a car beeping at me as I was already rolling forward, I was only doing about 1mph; but with the stress levels I screamed and slammed on the brakes! Then this guy drove past and I had a complete break down about how I shouldn’t be driving, how I will never pass my test, now a good 20 minutes went of me uncontrollably crying and then my mother forced me to drive on, we parked in Tesco, my mum asked me if I wanted to go in, at which point I glared at her and said ‘REALLY, looking like this‘ now envision, a girl with mascara and eyeliner smudged all over her face. I was not going in. Still sat in my car, I called a few friends to help calm me down, opened my window as it was a bit too warm for me and an old lady, whose car was not too far from me, came running up to my car asking me if I was okay, if someone had upset me or broken up with me, when I told her what happened, she tried to look for a tissue in her handbag, which she did not have, she reassured me and told me to get back into it. On the bright side, I passed my driving test, but that’s a story for another time.

See you soon.


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My New Home

Hey guys,

So it’s been crazy few days! But we’re all moved in and soooo happy! Here’s some pics because I don’t really have much to say!

(Also my dog liked the box because it had the duvet in and it was like a little duvet home and he didn’t want to get out!)

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Stay put,


International Womens Day|Marie Curie

‘International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. After the Socialist Party of America organised a Women’s Day on February 28, 1909 in New York, the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference suggested a Women’s Day be held annually.’ (Wikipedia)

Hellloooo my lovely leading ladies!

So Friday 8th March is International Women’s day. As someone who is a woman and is looking to introduce themselves into feminist research and studies in media I wanted to take some time to tell you about my different heroines and why this day is so important to me.

Let’s start with some history:

From the start women were oppressed by a patriarchal society. The domestic scene was all women really knew. So the suffrage began, their aim; the right to vote. It went on for quite a few years. Some women began a hunger strike, which lead the government to force feed these women, which was a horrific experience. in 1914 when the war broke out the suffrage effort was suspended. In 1918 women were granted the right to vote, but with conditions, they had to be over the age of 30 and had to meet certain property qualifications. Ten years later women were then given the right to vote at age 19. In World War Two with all the men off to the war, women had to help on the home front, which meant jobs, then when men came back women were removed and brought back to home front. We wanted more, we wanted the right to work. This is what sparked second wave feminism, which outlined that they wanted the right to be able to work, reproductive rights (contraception and abortions) and to remove the inequalities in law that are biased towards men. They highlighted how there were issues with domestic abuse, martial rape and created rape-crisis centres and women shelters. Nowadays we are fighting for equal pay, equality for trans rights as well as many other things like #MeToo.

Anyway, that was a very brief history and written in my own words, probably got some things wrong but I tried.

So here comes a few posts of different heroines that I admire. All will hopefully be linked, if I remember.

Marie Curie.

This is a fantastic lady who I think about daily, as she has saved so many lives.

In short, born 11/7/1867 and died 7/4/1934 Marie Curie was the first woman professor at the University of Paris, she achieved a Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry as well as receiving the Matteucci Medal. She discovered two elements, radium and polonium. Due to her long term exposure to radium it’s believed it’s how she died. Although because of her we now use radiotherapy to help treat cancer. Even her research is too radioactive to get into close contact with, including her cook books, which are all kept in lead lined containers and anyone who wants to access it must wear protective gear.

As someone who has seen first hand the effects cancer can have on a person as well as family I am always thankful for Marie Curie, for providing some people with a cure. Her legacy lives on in honorary doctorates, charities and by naming things after her.

Marie Curie c1920.jpg

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Keep fighting for equality,



Note Taking| University Life.

Hey guys,

So its me back with more advice, let’s talk about note taking in university. There will be lectures (on my course anyway) and they are, for the most part, either informative and important or boring.

Hopefully your lecturer will post the lecture slides up on a virtual learning environment before or after the lecture, so don’t panic too much if you don’t get that one word down.

Here’s an example of my notes:52744012_794875084180272_7819735853613187072_n.jpg

This was the first lecture so it was very basic about what I will be learning.

Here’s some tips.

  1. If you’re on a laptop hit voice record, it is sometimes a life saver.
  2. If you have a notepad, sometimes lecturers are really fast, so summarise and write it down, you will probably have the opportunity to go back to this later.
  3. Use colours to make it less boring and so that you will want to revisit your notes.
  4. Make little page markers for how many slides they click through, even if you end up putting three stars and the start writing you can use this as a reference to go back and find that particular slide
  5. Don’t be afraid of highlighters. More often than not they are a god send to help you dart your eyes to where you need to be looking.
  6. If you have any questions, write it down and ask at the end or email your lecturer. There is nothing worse than someone interrupting a lecture.

But for most people lectures are just something you have to go to and do, sometimes you wonder why you are there, a.k.a. me in this seminar) literally, should have gone home, this is so pointless.

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Stay educational,


Kylie Valentines Collection 2019 Review|4

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my last instalment of the Kylie valentines review and its a big one, I am focusing on the eyeshadow palette.

Let’s start with photos;

53176100_381080592714481_2397143551386320896_n.jpg53090631_812069235794483_737767006543020032_n.jpg52951211_1734268483385555_8517732519557201920_n.jpg52720395_315475949326989_3694705909411348480_n.jpg52797058_315127119188380_5304304277215248384_n.jpgOkay so this eyeshadow palette is what I wanted to buy from the collection. Firstly I love the bra’s on the packaging as I feel it has a secret feminist agenda, even though its for valentines day its also telling you to pamper yourself, its either that or Kylie is trying to take advantage of the whole ‘sex sells’ idea. My favourite shades;



Be Mine

Kinda Classy

Love Bug


Pink Problems

First Date

Each of these swatched well and I feel like I will use them a lot. Pink is like my go to colour for my eyes, so this palette was more of a necessity. Overall I am very pleased with this, the pans are bigger than most of Kylie’s other palettes and the palette itself is bigger than what it looks. So I was really happy with how that turned out. I really do think that I will use this palette a lot, its in my general repitoire for shades and its all in one convenient palette.

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Stay sassy, Liv.




Kylie Valentines Collection 2019 Review|3


Welcome back, today we are reviewing the other lip set I bought, and its a pretty similar review to the first lip set I reviewed. Here’s some pics;

52991266_2064908586908833_8590780872356003840_n.jpg52861854_2349884055045069_3481241817142263808_n.jpgThis is ‘The Forever Set’ and it was the OG one I wanted to buy, purely because I love the light shade, its like the perfect everyday set for me. Overall I am really happy with it, the colours compliment each other while the gloss turns the matte into a velvet lipstick and I am all for that.

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Stay glossy,


Kylie Valentines Collection 2019 Review|2

Hey guys,

Welcome back to part 2 of my review. Next up we have the lip set ‘The love set’.


(swatch 2, 3 and 4.)

So here’s what it looks like, I love the packaging but im not here for the packaging, im here for the product. Firstly, I want to talk about the scent, it smells so lovely. Im not a fan lately of matte as upkeep is hard, this is just a personal thing, but with the high gloss on top it almost turns it into a velvet. Which I am all about, even though I normally hate gloss, these colours go together so well. So overall I love this as all these colours compliment each other and match my complexion well so its the perfect mix between a bold colour so you know I’ve put in effort but also matchy enough so you could think it was a bit nude as well and not take too much notice if you get me?

Lip liner: ‘You are a gem’

Liquid Matte Lipstick: ‘Wish you were here’

High Gloss: ‘Sweet’

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Stay glossy,


Kylie Valentines Collection 2019 Review|1

Hey guys,

So it finally arrived and it brightened my day. The Kylie 2019 Valentines collection arrived at my house and here are my opinions. I will be doing this in four parts. This is so I can truly focus and give a full explanation and review on each product.

Glitter Eyes


Ok, so this I was quite hesitant to buy but oh my god, best decision ever, so basically it makes cut creases like 10x easier, its pigmented and easy to apply, the colour is perfect for me as I pretty much always wear pink eyeshadow. The wand however is quite chubby which makes the flick on the cut crease a little circular and not as sharp, also it feels quite heavy on my eyelids, but the same feeling I get with false eyelashes. Overall I think I would buy another glitter eyes as I think it would be perfect for going on holiday and wanting to a quick but glam makeup look for an evening out.

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Stay glittery,


Life Update.

Hey guys,

So I think its time for a life update, at the moment I have a lot going on at university with assignments and lectures etc, so I have decided that as well as Sunday I will not post on a Wednesday as well, this is just to make sure that you guys get content but also that I also have time to do my work.

What will my future posts be like?

Im still hoping to do makeup things, but due to having surgery and getting an awful haircut I have lost so much confidence.

I am hoping to buy a book from Typo called 60 days to mindfulness as I feel that with my heavy workload with university that I need to make sure that I am focusing on me and my mental health.

Also, hoping that it goes well I will be doing more about my fashion sense and about what its my Wishlist.

I am also thinking about turning bit life stories (app about life?) into like dramatic stories that is purely for comedic purposes but that will take a lot of time to write and I am not a writer.

I am also hoping to do more blog posts about university life and different advice I have about how to survive being a student, because at times its not easy and you might need your abuella (me) ((also means grandma in Spanish)) to help you out with how to survive as I still find that I am learning every day about how to handle it.

So, that’s my little life update, this is a really hectic time and I might not have all the time in the world to write blog posts, I wish I did, but I also want to make sure that the content is good for you guys.

Also, a little congratulations to me, I have (passed) one hundred blog posts.

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Stay sassy,


What’s In My Wishlist?| In The Style

Hey guys, welcome back. It’s Liv!

So I’ve loved all of the positivity and feedback from my outfit of the day blog posts (1) (2) and basically due to a lack of funds I thought I’d just show you guys instead what is in my wishlist.

I am always window shopping online and I thought that I might as well share it with you guys. So here goes nothing. I am showing you my In The Style wishlist today and I was introduced to this from Dani Dyer’s collection (I bought the grey and white jumper) and I started to flick through, so basically here’s some screenshots of things I like!


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Stay stylish,


My Advice On Making Friends At University.

Hey guys,

So Im back again with another University post, but as a student ambassador I find its something I am asked quite often. How do I make friends at University?

Okay, so let’s think about it, likelihood you aren’t the first person to be going to university for the first time, so everyone probably won’t know many people. Then lets think about how much you are worrying about not being able to make friends. Everyone is in the exact same boat as you, worrying about being lonely and worrying that they won’t fit in.

So here’s my advice based on my experience, I live 1.5 hours away from University, so not very far and I got halls of residence (student accommodation) that was on campus. I found a facebook group where you could find the people you lived with (to my more regular readers I have really bad anxiety and this meant I was very nervous about making friends as well) and after a day I had not found people I was going to be living with. And panic! I managed to find someone in my block, for the sakes of protecting identity and where I lived etc, I am going to change the names, so I was in Peony B Room *. Sorry but I really want to protect my identity, basically all the buildings would be, in this case named after flowers, one of my friends was in Rose, which was the other side of the accommodation site (who I met on a campus app, where you say about your course and year of entry and can meet people). Other than that I was waiting for people to respond to my post saying that I was assigned to Peony B. Eventually I did find people, one day later, we found 7 girls in total, and the group chat was hilarious, it was everyone saying things like about when they’ll go out, different peoples interests, different courses, I really was able to get to know the people I would be living with.

Then, being a Welsh girl going to England I was so nervous as well, I would learn to not call a microwave a popty ping! Although, it turned out there was a girl who also came from Wales, it just so happens that a lot people from Wales tend to go to this University, so that was nice, low key want to make a Welsh Society. 

Okay so I have covered about how I got in contact with people before even turning up. So this Welsh girl now, to protect her identity as well I am going to give her a fake name of Britney, she brought a box of biscuits and this is my most valuable advice, it brought everyone together, because who doesn’t love food! So when we moved in we found our two extra roommates (I am getting there with the third) and it turns out they just never found the facebook page to find people that they were going to move in with, although it didn’t make a difference to their experience as far as I am aware I think it didn’t help with the nerves. Then the 10th girl that moved in, this is actually a really funny story.

So we knew someone was in room 3, but we didn’t know who, and I kept on hearing the girls saying things like how there was a girl wandering around and we didn’t know who she was, all we could pin point about her was that she was asian. Then we are all in the kitchen and yet another fake name, May turns up and she has some shopping and introduces herself, after a good week and a half of her living there. No lie, it was the weirdest thing ever, but also made for a really funny story.

Think im getting off track here, this really has no structure at all, but I like it like that. So as soon as I had moved in and my parents had gone away a girl, who I am going to change her name as well to Tiffany, why not, first name that came to my mind popped into my room and we had just like a good old chat. That really helped. Overall I had a really good experience of halls.

Then there’s the always the fact about going clubbing and making friends and sharing experiences like that. However, if you don’t drink or don’t party (like me) then its still easy to make friends, for example there are societies and different things like that and student union led events to make friends in and I found I made soooo many friends on my course!

So my final final word of advice everyone wants to make friends, its not just you, so just say hi to someone, they won’t bite you (hopefully).

So I hope you all enjoyed my little (long) words of advice, and to those of you who are mentioned in this I hope you laugh at the way I have changed your names. Follow my instagram for more updates @makeupblogsbyliv.

Stay friendly,